Troupe Dahab, Colfax, CA

Troupe Dahab, Colfax, CA
June 2006 - Ariel Suzanne Zakiyya & Aseela


Dahab is Arabic for Gold, and fits our troupe well since we all live in California's Gold Rush country!! The troupe was formed in the Fall of 2005, and is directed by Aseela of Dutch Flat.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Updated "Tabla Solo 1" Choreography

Hello Dancers,


We worked on the drum solo in workshop today, and I discovered a couple of mistakes in the written choreography I sent out.  After line 12, there is a 4th set of the hip slides; L-R-L, quick pelvic lock.  And after line 18 there is another set of the body waves with chest and pelvic locks on each end.  The chest lock is first, and on the first set we face the right diagonal, second set we face the left diagonal.  You can edit your sheet or print a new one from the attachment.


Next workshop is scheduled for Sat. April 2nd, 2011!




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Colfax, CA - Sierra Vista Community Center, 55 School Street

Aseela will be on "Maternity Leave" starting the week of August 21st, 2006, and will not be holding classes. She hopes to resume classes in 2007.