Troupe Dahab, Colfax, CA

Troupe Dahab, Colfax, CA
June 2006 - Ariel Suzanne Zakiyya & Aseela


Dahab is Arabic for Gold, and fits our troupe well since we all live in California's Gold Rush country!! The troupe was formed in the Fall of 2005, and is directed by Aseela of Dutch Flat.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Belly Dance at Studio Z

Hello Dancers,


We had some fun with a drum solo routine and veil last Sat., and since there was some date confusion, I’m thinking of a repeat for the 1st Sat. in March.  So bring your veils and some good wiggle in your hips on Sat. March 5th 10:15am to Noon at Studio Z (55 School St. Colfax)!!  Workshop cost is $10.


Don’t forget that the biggest Belly Dance Festival of the West is coming to Richmond; Rakkasah is March 11-13, 2011.   for more festival and dancer links, check my blog site below.


Aseela’s Choreography for “Tabla Solo 1” by Issam

(Each line represents 8 counts)


1.       Opening beats (get in position)

2.       Hip Ups (singles), arms raise up (between panes of glass)

3.       Double Hip Ups, arms come down

4.       Back Pops to left, shoulder shimmy on the 7,8 count

5.       Back Pops to right,    “

6.       Back Pops to left,      “

7.       Back Pops to right,    “

8.       Omies (CW), chest pop on 8 (with prep on 7)

9.       Omies (CCW),    “

10.     Hip slides R-L-R, quick pelvic lock up

11.     Hip slide L-R-L,              “

12.     Hip slide R-L-R,              “

13.     Pistons (hip downs) with level change

14.     Shoulder Shimmy (lean forward and back)

15.     Pistons

16.     Chest Slides (slow)

17.     Chest Circles (CW)

18.     Body waves with chest pop and pelvic pop accents

19.     Hip drop kicks while circling CCW to back, rt arm frames down, left up

20.     Hip drop kicks continue circle to front, on 7, 8 switch arms and wt to other side for end pose




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Colfax, CA - Sierra Vista Community Center, 55 School Street

Aseela will be on "Maternity Leave" starting the week of August 21st, 2006, and will not be holding classes. She hopes to resume classes in 2007.